Sony plan to make VR a social experience with Project Morpheus

Sony has released a few new details about their virtual reality plants with Project Morpheus. In an interview with The Guardian, Sony London head Dave Ranyard talked about the future.

The plans include symmetrical multiplayer games, involving one player on the Morpheus and another interacting via a game controller, looking at the TV. Other options include companion apps on smartphone/tablet.

“For example, we have a version of The Deep where someone has a radar view on their screen and they can speak to the diver,” says Ranyard. “We did another prototype where we put [SCE president] Shuhei Yoshida in a haunted house and you could control the scares on a tablet. We’re even looking at turn-based experiences. We just want to get other people involved, even if you only have one headset.”

One other cool feature that Sony is planning is the ability to show on the TV whatever the Morpheus player can see, so that everyone in the room can participate in some way.

“There’s this kind of sci-fi view of VR being about isolation, but we want to turn that on its head,” says Ranyard. “We’ve made a lot of local multiplayer games – SingStar, EyeToy, etc – and we’re actively using some of the things we’ve learned from them.”

“I’ve seen everyone from high-ranking industry executives to non-gamers playing with the Morpheus headset, and one thing I’ve learned is that, if there’s a visual icon for our coming age, it could well be someone wearing a VR headset, reacting to something the rest of us can’t see.”

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