Second Life founder is building deployable virtual worlds with new VR company

Philip Rosedale, the founder of the famous virtual world platform Second Life, is building deployable virtual world through his new company High Fidelity which recently raised another $11 million in funding.

Sidenote: The original Second Life, that was so hyped back in 2003, is actually still around with around 900 000 users according to sources and Oculus Rift devkit2 support. However, to be frank Second Life just doesn’t have the framerate or performance needed for a really immersive VR experience, despite continuous updates.

That’s maybe why mr Rosedale is starting fresh with High Fidelity. In the new platform from the Second Life founder you get the ability to quickly generate a virtual space to chat with friends and interact in. You can also grab or sculpt your own models and create logic in JavaScript to tell the world how interaction should work. The company has invested a lot of time into naturalistic facial/gesture capture and 3D audio to make it good for VR. High Fidelity is open source, and you will be able to host worlds on your own machines just like with Minecraft. High Fidelity also wants to host its own digital store resembling Unity’s Asset Store inside the platform.

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