HTC considers virtual reality to be the future

HTC is looking at hardcore gamers as a pathway to the mainstream market. In an interview with CBS News, Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC America, discussed the future of VR.

“We look at it similar to the way we looked at smartphones in the late 90s – as really, the future. “Gaming is where it will start. Plenty of application for that right away. As soon as you experience it, you will see how it can change the world of education, travel, real estate. There are so many different verticals.”, said Mackenzie.

Vive offers immersive, full-room virtual reality with a feature called room scale experience. The sensors included with the HTC vive can be used to mark walls around the area. In VR, those wall boundaries appear as a barrier of sorts for users, alerting them when they’re too close.

Mackenzie said the sensors allow users to fully involve themselves in virtual reality regardless of room size.

“We’re tuning it so the experience is the same for the New York City apartment and the home in Dallas.”

He went on to talk about the different approcach HTC has compared to their competitor Samsung with their mobile VR headset, gear VR. The core difference is that HTC is not targeting the mobile market. “”We didn’t look at it like, ‘Hey let’s do virtual reality as a new way to sell more of our phones,’” Mackenzie said. “We looked at it like, ‘How can we deliver the best solution to customers who are going to be interested in virtual reality this year?’

Apart from gaming, HTC think that in the future VR will be a apart of other entertainment options as well as a place in the medical and science fields.

“For myself, I’m not a gamer,” Mackenzie said. “But once you actually do the demo and you experience VR, your eyes open up. The world is going to change in the next five to 10 years and VR is going to be a big part of that.”

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