Apple is building a prototype VR headset with new secret VR team

Virtual Reality is one of the most hyped technologies for 2016 and now Apple is joining the VR bandwagon. The company has put together a secret VR team which has been working on a headset prototype for several months according to Financial Times. The team is said to consist of hundreds of people and Apple has reportedly headhunted specialists from Microsoft and other companies. Apple has also hired Doug Bowman, a leading VR researcher.

Tim Cook, the chief of Apple, said earlier this week that the technology had broad appeal.

“It is really cool and has some interesting applications”

Apple job ads started to appear last year. They were looking for technical engineers to “create high performance apps that integrate with virtual reality systems for prototyping and user testing” and some VR patents were also revealed.

The company recently acquired Flyby Media, an A-R start-up that has also worked with Google and its 3d positioning tech projekt called Projekt Tango. Before that they bought tech companies, Primesense, Metaio and Faceshift to step up recruitment in VR tech.

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